Web 2.0 Networked Learning Community Project Launch and Overview - Text Chat

This is the archive of the text chat from the Web 2.0 Networked Learning Community Project Launch and Overview:

Join: 2006-05-16 07:32:44

Alex Hayes: Just located some great mobile web texts/blogs etc.at www.futuretext.com

Alex Hayes: looks even better!

kates: Hi - yes this is my first time

kates: okay - i'll give it a go

kates: tnx

Kathie Warren: OK I'll go away and play

barbara to James: hieveryohne, James is that James worner

Dorothy: great

Dorothy: taa

Dorothy: great

barbara: yes great

barbara: do you all have your champus

Diana Khabbaz: THanks

Dorothy: definitly hic

Kathie Warren to Dorothy: Hi we must chat soon - not here!!

Moderator[barbara] to RobynH: Hi who is this robyn

Dorothy: be great kathie

Moderator[barbara] to Dorothy: hi dorothy we have missed your parties

RobynH to barbara: Robyn Honeman - Riverina Institute

Dorothy: more planned

Moderator[barbara] to RobynH: welcome

RobynH to barbara: Thanks Barbara

James: Hey all

Alex Hayes: hey James from CLI?

James: Yo buddy. All the way f
rom the other side of the partition.

Dorothy: loud and clear

Alex Hayes: Still at work?

Moderator[Sean FitzGerald] to barbara: http://seanfitz.wikispaces.com/2006networkoverview

Moderator[Sean FitzGerald]: http://seanfitz.wikispaces.com/2006networkoverview

Alex Hayes: says cannot find server

James: No, home with a glass of red. You?

Dorothy: mine's fine

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: it's fine from SI too!

Moderator[barbara]: mine's fine

Dorothy: yes

Dorothy: my tick doesn't work

Alex Hayes: can only open URL in IE - crashed in Firefox

Moderator[barbara]: my 9 yr old son is listening fascinated and waiting to see the cool tools

Moderator[wendy zammit]: Alex is still having trouble

Moderator[Sean FitzGerald]: http://seanfitz.wikispaces.com/2006networkoverview

Alex Hayes: sure have done

Moderator[wendy zammit]: Some people can't get the tick to work

James: No tick here either

Marlene Manto: That's because the 'viewability' needs to be selected by one of the Moderators.

Alex Hayes: I've overlapped the IE window with Elluminate - will try and follow there

James: sound?

Marlene Manto: One of the moderators needs to click the link to the left of the tick.

Dorothy: great

Moderator[barbara]: have done

Allison Miller: I can see the seanfitz webtour and hear everything, but can't get my mic to work???

Allison Miller: Hi Marlene (M)

Marlene Manto to Allison Miller: Hi Allison "-)

Moderator[wendy zammit]: Don't worry Allison- just text

Alex Hayes: got it

RobynH to barbara: Can I refresh my webtour?

Moderator[Sean FitzGerald] to RobynH: you can try

RobynH to Sean FitzGerald,wendy zammit,barbara,Diana Khabbaz: I seem to be back at flickr home - not sure what I've done

Marlene Manto: You are the only one Sean...

Moderator[barbara]: no mouse here

Kathie Warren: no - I'm navigating my own pag4e in web tour

Marlene Manto: In fact, we can't follow your scrolling...we have to scroll ourselves for a web tour

Dorothy: he's missing his magic control button!!

Moderator[barbara] to RobynH: try hitting the little back button on the same line as stephs's url

Moderator[barbara] to RobynH: sorry i meant sean's url on the whiteboard

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Hi Leigh, welcome to the session!

leighblackall: hi d

Moderator[barbara] to RobynH: are you okay now

Dorothy: oh yeah

RobynH to James: Hi James, how are you?

Moderator[barbara]: very important sean drank all the wine on his own

James: Gorgeous Robyn! Hullo and welcome xox

Moderator[barbara] to leighblackall: welcome leigh

leighblackall to Sean FitzGerald,wendy zammit,barbara,Diana Khabbaz: ta b

Moderator[barbara]: are we goiing to try and get some practitioners to present their expereinces

RobynH to James: How are the movie classes, are you still going to them with Grant?

Moderator[wendy zammit]: Hi Delia

delia: Good evening, everyone.

Dorothy: there's an interesting new practices in VIC that would also fit in

delia: Yes, Dorothy.

leighblackall: whats it called dot?

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Hi Delia, welcome to the session

delia: Embedding Online Broadcasting, Leigh

Dorothy: not sure but it's out of VIC AMES and Michael Coghlan is involved

Dorothy: there you go thanks Delia

Alex Hayes: no questions from me :-)

Dorothy: Hi Coach Carol

Coach Carole: Hello, sorry I'm late

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Hi Coach Carol, good to meet you here

Moderator[wendy zammit]: Hi Carole great to have you here.

Moderator[barbara] to Coach Carole: hi carole

Moderator[wendy zammit]: We are working through Sean's wiki

Dorothy: http://seanfitz.wikispaces.com/2006networkoverview

Moderator[wendy zammit]: Lost you Sean!

delia: Me too.

James: Come back Sean!

Dorothy: don't turn you're head!!!!

Moderator[barbara]: it's only becauae you are having a sip of champus in between talking

Alex Hayes: inside / outside

Coach Carole: that's encouraging Delia, guidelines and action plans will be welcomed

Moderator[barbara]: sounds great delia

Allison Miller to Marlene Manto: Marlene - would Sean be good as a key note speaker for e-dayz?

leighblackall: http://users.chariot.net.au/~michaelc/mater/easy_voice.htm

leighblackall: voice online

delia: The website for the 2005 Different Voices, Different Spaces is http://dvds.flexiblelearning.net.au/index.html

Moderator[barbara] to Allison Miller: what is e-dayz

Kathie Warren to Sean FitzGerald,barbara,Diana Khabbaz: sorry, have to go! will just slip away without interupting the texting.

Coach Carole: Diana, Barbara & Sean, can we invite teachers from across sectors to join in e.g. primary and secondary school networks?

Dorothy: as long as they use the password VET

Moderator[barbara] to Sean FitzGerald,barbara,Diana Khabbaz: absolutely the more the merrier. I washoping for more to turn up tongiht

Coach Carole: ok thanks

Allison Miller to barbara: e-dayz is a 2 day conference held in SA to promote e-learning

Alex Hayes: Whats the main tag title for this group? ie. for flickr, del.icio.us, technorati contributions ?

wendyzammit: Still to be decided

Alex Hayes: cool - is that with spaces ?

Moderator[barbara] to Allison Miller: is it f2f? or virtual as well

wendyzammit: :-)

Alex Hayes: :-)

Moderator[barbara] to Allison Miller: sounds like a good conferene that you should promote here in teh network

Allison Miller to barbara: f2f - not sure about the virtual aspect . I'm new to the network - so will do my best ...

Moderator[barbara] to Allison Miller: when is it

Allison Miller to barbara: thurs/fri 28/29 Sept

leighblackall to bronwyn hegarty: u devil

Allison Miller to barbara: currently still in planning stage - but probably at Regency TAFESA

Moderator[barbara] to Diana Khabbaz: you should be going to this conference as part of your project the e-dayz in SA i sept

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz] to barbara: are you talking to me Barb?

Alex Hayes: Interesting conversation going about web2.0 at http://gigaom.com

Moderator[barbara] to Diana Khabbaz: yes

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz] to barbara: great idea!

leighblackall: keep going s

leighblackall: good audio about eLearning 2.0: http://www.downes.ca/news/audio.htm

Alex Hayes: www.meshconference.com for the way it occurs in business / marketeers

Coach Carole: okay thanks for reiterating for me - I think its important to differentiate

Coach Carole: we've been blinded with networking science

Dorothy: that's rifgt

Alex Hayes: www.web20workgroup.com got me started

Alex Hayes: could we have a page similar ?

Coach Carole: so members of this network will be encouraged to set up these multi-modal links and explore various 'off worlds'

Moderator[barbara]: i have a quetion

Coach Carole: yes, I understand the types of 'off worlds' but I have to question WHY? what will drive them to do that? what is the vision of outcomes?

Dorothy: exactly

Alex Hayes: crunching opinions about changes in pedagogy in institutions, organisations, management, eduspeak etc. due to the participatory web and the read / write / picpost / podder - listen / learn / participate - make questions, ask for answers

Coach Carole: perhaps you need to find their 'fields of fascination' - what do they need, therefore what would we recommend them do

delia: So, there is a scaffolding approach.

Moderator[barbara] to wendyzammit: thanks wendy, i have been promoting the \omn

wendyzammit: Great! We'll be the springboard!

Alex Hayes: definetly scaffolded, supported, guided - this for me is a chance to assist and to learn more of what it will take to bring ourselves into the world of our learners ....:-)

Moderator[barbara]: OMn is great way to go wendy and i have been promoting this

Alex Hayes: Ta Carole!

bronwyn hegarty: thx sean goodnite

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Thanks Coach Carole:)

Moderator[barbara]: thanks sean

delia: All the best to everyone.

leighblackall: mp3?

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Thanks Sean, well done :)

Coach Carole: Yes, this has certainly been an exciting way to begin the network with a bang!

James: Thanks and cheers all

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Good night everyone!

Marlene Manto: Thanks Sean...gotta go! Bye

Moderator[Diana Khabbaz]: Good night everyone!

Moderator[barbara]: goodnight all

Dorothy: thanks Sean Goddnoght everyone

AnnaK: thanks

leighblackall: great stuff, looking forward to it all. cu

Coach Carole: thanks to all, bye from me

wendyzammit: Bye all- see you soon.