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What do I do?

I'm an independent researcher, consultant, trainer and presenter with an interest in emerging technologies and their impact on society. I'm passionate about creating a compassionate, just and sustainable society where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves fully and reach their full potential.

My Interests

I'm currently researching how technology can be used to help people improve their physical and psychological health and wellbeing. In the past I've been interested in the role that emerging technology has had on teaching and learning.

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My Research & Work

Interests include - ehealth (electronic health), mhealth (mobile health), telehealth, interactive online tools, smartphone apps (e.g. mood and fitness trackers), wearables & sensors (e.g. pedometers and heart monitors), fitness gaming (e.g. Wii), serious games & gamification, augmented & virtual reality, biofeedback & neurostimulation.

In recent years I've been researching the major challenges facing humanity in the areas of the environment, energy and the economy, and their root causes. I've been exploring solutions to these challenges and ways to move us towards a just and sustainable world.

Up until late 2008 my professional focus was on Web 2.0 technologies and social software and their impact on teaching and learning. My most recent research was into the potential and impact of online virtual worlds and Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) on education and society.

With Jo Kay I explored the educational uses of Second Life - a popular online 3D virtual world. Many of the resources we developed as part of our research which were originally available on the discontinued Second Life in Education wiki are now available here: Educational Uses of Second Life.

Upcoming Events

Nothing yet. I'm currently developing workshops introducing eMental health technologies to people with mental health issues.




Presentations & Workshops



Presentations & Workshops



Presentations & Workshops



Presentations & Workshops