Week 1

Buddies- debrief the week (10 mins) S / Enrolments- W
Welcome- W and S
Agenda review- S
Gathering - My name is and what drew me to this group- W
Overview of the course- W and S
Energiser- Zip Zap Boing - W
EdNA group & using Moodle
Introduction to the resource and wikis - S
Register with Online Mentoring Network - S


Energiser: Big Wind Blows- W
Background philosophy- S and W
Set up online journal- set up friends list- S
Buddies- something new you learned today- W
Feedback- S
Practice tasks:
1) Fill in personal profiles and upload photos onto:
GreatestJournal account; Edna groups; SIT Moodle; Commskills Moodle.
2) On your GreatestJournal write about ???
Close- W

Week 2

Mentoring and coaching
Open source and Open content
Skype & IM
Skills inventories
The Millenial Generation/Generation Y
Practice task: Download Skype and practice

Participant presentation: Social bookmarking
Solution corner:

Week 3

Blogs, RSS & Bloglines

Week 4

Core Tools

  1. Journals and emails

  1. Skype & instant messaging

  1. Blogs, RSS & Bloglines

  1. Social bookmarking - Furl, del.icio.us etc

  1. Mailing lists / Google Groups / Yahoo! Groups

  1. MP3 players, audio lessons and podcasting

What is a wiki?
How to use a wiki
Wiki etiquette and guidelines
Guidelines to Contributing
Topic Format
Style Guide
Suggesting a new topic

Emerging technologies – what are they??
Impact on society? esp. business, organisations, teaching & training (Why you need to know this stuff)
The Millenial Generation/Generation Y
The Digital Divide?
Copyright and IP issues

Open Source?
Open Content?
The role of various IT professionals?
Future trends in communication technology?
Basic Computer and Internet Use
First computer lessons
Keyboarding and wordprocessing
Using Powerpoint
Working with Images? (e.g. screen captures)
Understanding the Internet and its uses
E-mail and webmail
Research & Knowledge Management
Finding information and resources on the Net
Finding Information on the Net - Academic
RSS feeds and news readers
Social bookmarking systems
Online survey tools
Communication & Collaboration
Mailing Lists?
Internet Telephony and VoIP?
Virtual conferencing/classrooms?
Online Presentation Tools
Media Production & Content Creation
Digital Imaging? - digital cameras, image editing etc.

Audio recording and editing?

Digital story telling
Publishing & Broadcasting
Online journals?

Online photo albums?
Audioblogging and podcasting?
Video blogging?
Content Management Systems?
Course Management systems


Skills and Knowledge for the Information Age
Net etiquette?
How to stay safe on the Internet?
Writing for the Web and new technologies?
Writing styles for online newsletters?
Writing in Plain English?
Balancing electronic and face-to-face communication?
Conducting meetings online?
Handling information overload?

Electronic Devices

Hand-held computers
Mobile Phones
MP3 players