Digital Technology Educator

headshot127pxhigh.jpgI provide one-on-one and group training in digital technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, the Internet, social media etc.

NDIS Service Provider Registration Number: 4050024930
Contact: or 0404 130 342.

My Services

  • One-on-one training & support (Skype sessions available) ndis35.jpg
  • Workshops & Presentations
  • Customising digital devices for special needs
  • Digital learning resource development

For my NDIS services and pricing see NDIS Services.

My Mission

Digital technologies are becoming increasingly necessary to participate in society. We use digital technologies to communicate, connect, seek support, engage with services, shop and run businesses.

I am committed to helping people participate more fully in life by helping them develop their digital literacy skills and improve their access to digital devices and resources.

I have a particular interest in working with people with mental health issues and psychosocial disabilities, although I am open to working with people with other types of disabilities, as well as the elderly. I can also work with carers, peer-workers and workers.

My Teaching Philosophy

I work to empower clients and build their confidence by helping them to take responsibility for their own learning and become independent in their use of digital technologies. I apply an experiential, hands-on approach with clients 'learning by doing'.

My own personal challenges have helped me become sensitive to the needs of people with special needs. I appreciate that many people find technology challenging. I use compassion, understanding and patience to develop and deliver customised training and/or support to individuals and groups.

My Background

I have a background in the educational technology sector as a consultant, trainer and presenter. I have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

For over two decades I have taught people how to use a range of technologies including smartphones, tablets, computers, the Internet, social media, online learning platforms, webinar platforms, virtual worlds etc.

A list of my previous projects in the educational technology sector, including workshops and presentations can be found here.

Example Workshop Topics

  • Selecting and using digital devices - smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Selecting the best phone and Internet plans. Tips for reducing data usage.
  • Finding and installing smartphone apps (Android & iPhone).
  • Using social media for self-expression and/or support – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Digital resources - apps and websites - for health and wellbeing.

Example Presentations