Educational Uses of Podcasting

Below is a list of education uses of podcasting. If you have any other ideas, feel free to click "Edit" at the top of this page and add them to the list.

  • Teachers/lecturers can record their lectures for absent learners and for learners to review later
  • Podcasts can accompany presentations (e.g. powerpoint slides) which can be made available on a blog, along with other support material such as web links and references
  • Podcasts can provide extra material for self-paced learning
  • Recordings of guest speakers from remote locations
  • Interviews with subject experts or industry figures (can be recorded using Skype)
  • Audio lessons for vision impaired & recordings of lectures
  • Support for learners with reading and/or other learning difficulties
  • Multi-lingual education
  • Foreign language lessons
  • ESOL – pronunciation guides
  • Instructional training materials for trades
  • Learner radio programs (news, current affairs, talk shows, music)
  • Music lessons
  • Storytelling & oral culture for the indigenous community
  • Indigenous languages
  • Health education – information on drug & alcohol issues, sex education etc.
  • Student counselling - study guides, relaxation "tapes", stress management tips
  • Students can create walking tours of art/sculpture they are studying or to accompany a museum exhibit
  • Write and share music
  • Narrate muted video
  • Record translations of world or classical languages
  • Can be used to show pronouncation of difficult words

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