ICVET/LearnScope Presentation & Pitch

Presentation to ICVET/LearnScope


Agenda Overview

What is Second Life?

  • NMC Video


  • Jo's space
  • Spaceport Alpha
  • Languages Room
  • GipppsTAFE
  • Terra Incognita or Edunation or NMC

Educational Uses

Future Trends

  • Businesses - promo and meetings and training (e.g. IBM)


  • Institutional
  • Technological - computer & Net requirements, client interface, server performance issues
  • Steep learning curve


  • We must address pedagogical concerns
  • How does this relate to Web 2.0, social networking and user-generated content?
  • How does this fit into virtual worlds in general?
  • How it fits in to Life-based Learning
  • Significant future trends - integrated voice & HTML on a prim
  • Open source
  • Alternative interfaces and input devices
  • Avatar change

Pitch to LearnScope


One or two islands in Second Life with the following:

Common Areas
  • Main Amphitheatre (with video/slide/wb screens)
  • Training Areas
  • Display/Exhibition Space
  • Discussion Area
  • Informal Discussion/Breakout Areas
  • Secluded Spots for Gatherings and Reflection
  • Orientation Area
  • Entertainment and Relaxation Areas (Games, Sports etc.)
  • Sandbox
  • Holodeck
  • Machinima Studio and Theatre

Project/Unit "Offices"
  • "Offices" with information on AFLF projects (e.g. LearnScope, E-networks, New Practices) and ICVET

Project Area
  • For individual projects, work with RTO's etc.
  • Ideally a separate, adjacent island.


  • Suggest liaising with other edu-related institutions such as NMC and infoisland?
  • Suggest a move to NMC archipelago?